MOT Training Booking Procedures

Enquiry / Booking MOT Training Form

To Become an MOT Manager [AEDM]

  1. What position does the candidate hold in the business?
    • They MUST be one of the following: Owner, Director or Named Business Partner
  2. Candidate does not need any technical experience or qualifications
  3. Candidate requires to have an Advanced DBS Certificate

To Become an MOT Tester

  1. Does the candidate have a minimum of 4 years full time experience repairing and servicing vehicles?
  2. Is the candidate 20 years old or older?
  3. Does the candidate hold a full valid UK Driving Licence?
  4. Does the candidate have a level 3 or equivalent qualification in automotive with an original hardcopy certificate?
  5. Candidate requires to have a Basic DBS Certificate, dated within 3 months of the VT8
  6. If the answer to question 4 is NO, then the candidate will need to attend and pass the LVI [Light Vehicle Inspection] or VTAA [Vehicle Technician Accredited Assessment]

Light Vehicle Inspection / Vehicle Technician Accredited Assessment – Minimum skills required to pass the practical assessments

These are just examples of tasks that maybe required in the practical assessments.

  1. Emission Tests – Can you perform an emission test, evaluate the information for successful fault diagnosis?

  2. Electrical Inspection – Can you set up and use and multimeter and understand the information this tool provides you from the vehicle for a successful fault diagnosis?

  3. Braking Inspection – Can you carry out a successful and accurate brake inspection incorporating using a DTI gauge and a micrometer and other brake measurement tools to complete a detailed brake report?

  4. Steering and Suspension – Can you successfully identify steering and suspension components and related faults for an accurate report?

  5. Vehicle Appraisal – Conduct a vehicle safety check and product a detailed report on the condition of the vehicle?

  6. 2 online multiple choice exams